Abera Kuma

Abera has a strong background in track and field. In his career on the track he run impressive PB’s including 13:00 for 5.000m and 26:52 for 10.000m, he also managed to finish 5th twice at the World Championships for senior and won the African Junior Championships 5.000m back in 2009. He is married to Tejitu Daba who is also competing in Mumbai Marathon.

2018Rotterdam Marathon2nd02:05:50
2018Lake Biwa Marathon5th 2:09:31
2017Valencia Marathon4th2:06:44
2016Amsterdam Marathon10th 2:07:48
2015Chicago Marathon9th 2:13:44
2015Rotterdam Marathon1st 2:06:47
2014Berlin Marathon3rd2:05:56
2014Dubai Marathon10th 2:09:53
2013World Championships 10.000m5th 27:25,27
2013Sollentuna 10.000m2nd 26:52,85
2012Great Birmingham Run2nd60:19
2011World Championships 5.000m5th 13:25,50
Jacob Kendagor

Jacob Kibet Chulyo Kendagor was born on the 24th of August 1984 in Marakwet. Marakwet county is one of the most beautiful and picturesque parts of Kenya, bounded by the Kerio River at 1000m above sea level, which runs through a small branch of the Great Rift Valley. Jacob is married, has 3 children and currently lives in Eldoret. He is a bit older than most of his competitors in Mumbai, has a lot of experience and was already successful in half- and whole marathons worldwide. In recent years he has also done a lot of pacing for the first groups in big marathons, such as Berlin, Hamburg, Seoul and Valencia. In 2017 and 2018 he also paced in the Marathon of Mumbai and so knows the course well. This year he is going for his own chance in Mumbai. Jacob has prepared himself in Kenya, in the place Kapsabet, situated in the Rift Valley, at 2000 meters altitude. Jacob is a man to be reckoned with in Mumbai Marathon 2019.

2018Istanbul Marathon5th 2:11:46
2018Daegu Marathon6th 2:10:08
2017Istanbul Marathon2nd 2:11:27
2017Hamburg Marathon3rd 2:08:50
2017Seoul Marathon6th 2:07:33
2016Berlin Marathon9th 2:10:01
2016Seoul Marathon7th 2:08:56
2015Amsterdam Marathon7th 2:10:13
2015Seoul Marathon3rd 2:07:46
2014Valencia Marathon 1st 2:08:39
2014Daegu Marathon5th 2:07:53
2013Seoul Marathon 5th 2:11:18
2013Valencia Half Marathon 1st 59:58
2013Berlin Half Marathon1st 59:36
Elijah Kemboi

Very experienced athlete run many marathons already in his career including some wins. He enjoys farming life in Kenya besides being a pro athlete. He has a small farm where he keeps cows for milking.

2018Macau Marathon1st 2:15:18
2018Sydney Marathon1st 2:13:37
2018Linz Marathon2nd 2:11:30
2017Valencia Marathon10th 2:09:56
2016Kosice Marathon2nd 2:09:24
2016Paris Marathon11th 2:13:21
2015Warszawa Marathon6th2:08:29
2014Amsterdam Marathon5th 2:09:21
2014Rio de Janeiro Marathon2nd 2:17:29
2014Daegu Marathon4th 2:07:43
2013Frankfurt Marathon3rd 2:07:34
2013Mumbai Marathon2nd 2:10:03
2012Kosice Marathon4th 2:07:51
2011Kosice Marathon1st 2:11:15
2011Antwerp Marathon1st 2:11:15
Cosmas Lagat

Cosmas is from Kipsangui village (near Eldoret). He has one brother. He started running at school because he had passion for running.

2018Gunsan Marathon4th 2:11:35
2017Guangzhou Marathon4th 2:10:40
2016Sevilla Marathon1st 2:08:14
2015Ljubljana Marathon9th 2:20:30
2014Sevilla Marathon1st 2:08:33
Aychew Bantie

Aychew is a young Ethiopian athlete who lives in Addis Ababa training with Getaneh Tessema. He made his Marathon debut in 2017 running 2:09:40 in Amsterdam. Aychew grew up in Robit in the Amara region and sees Haile Gebreselassie as his example to reach his goal, which is representing Ethiopia at the Olympic Games and at World Championships. Apart from running Aychew likes table tennis.

2018Kosice Marathon2nd 2:08:15
2018Hamburg Marathon8th 2:11:136
2018Mumbai Marathon5th 2:12:49
2017Amsterdam Marathon13th 2:09:40
Philip Kangogo


2018Venice Marathon4th 2:14:07
2018Lanzhou International Marahton5th 2:13:27
2018Eldoret Marathon2nd 2:12:49
2017Rome Ostia Half4th 60:57
2015Ottawa Marathon2nd 2:09:56
2015Barcelona Marathon4th 2:08:16
2014Kass FM Eldoret Marathon1st 2:20:06
Kipkemoi Kipsang

Kipsang is coached by former Rotterdam and Seoul Marathon Champion William Kiplagat. He is among others training partner of Gideon Kipketer who is the Mumbai Marathon course record holder. They hail from Kapgitony area. He is the first born of three brothers & five sisters. Himself he has 2 children both a daughter and a son. He started running when he discovered he had potential to do so and was motivated by his coach William Kiplagat.

2018Cape Town Marathon4th 2:09:21
2018Sevilla Marathon6th 2:09:59
2017Eindhoven Marathon6th 2:10:39
2017Sevilla Marathon3rd 2:08:26
2016Rennes Marathon4th 2:10:55
2015Rabat Marathon4th 2:12:59
2014Hengshui Marathon7th 2:11:34
2014Linz Marathon2nd 2:09:46
2013Cologne Marathon5th 2:11:25
2013Kilimanjaro Marathon1st 2:14:58
2011Kilimanjaro Marathon1st 2:17:09
Silas Too

Competed mostly in smaller marathons so far and therefore is hopeful to improve his PB in Mumbai. Silas is a found fan of English premier league football.

2018Eindhoven Marathon4th 2:08:34
2018Riga Marathon2nd 2:11:13
2018Barcelona Marathon2nd 2:08:26
2017Nairobi Marathon11th 2:15:19
2017Debno Marathon2nd 2:17:11
2016Podgorica Marathon3rd 2:23:37
2016Zagreb Marathon4th 2:15:50
2016Wroclaw Marathon2nd 2:18:37
2015Zagreb Marathon3rd 2:15:56
2015Wroclaw Marathon1st 2:20:00
2015Radenci Marathon1st 2:16:20
2015Thessaloniki Marathon2nd 2:21:31
2014Wroclaw Marathon5th 2:18:18
Abdi Ibrahim Abdo

Abdi was born in Ambo in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. He changed citizenship to Bahrain five years ago. Abdi was inspired by his older brother Gebo Burka, who is a world class athlete himself. Abdi is part of the training group of Haji Adilo and trains with world class athletes such as Shura Kitata and Lelisa Desisa. Apart from running he like to listen to music and hang out with friends.

2018Istanbul Marathon2nd 2:10:37
2018Rome Marathon2nd 2:08:32
2017Hefei Marathon1st 2:12:00
Douglas Chebii


2018Ljubljana Marathon7th 2:13:10
2018Sevilla Marathon5th 2:08:43
2017Istanbul Marathon5th 2:12:32
2017Sevilla Marathon4th 2:09:48
2016Waszawa Marathon2nd 2:11:26
Serod Batochir

Having run 56 marathons Serod is by far the most experienced athlete in the elite field. Besides that he is also the Mongolian Marathon Record holder with a time of 2.08.50. Serod started running marathons in 2002. He is hopeful for a top 8 finish in Mumbai and his ultimate goal is to finish top 10 at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Marathon.

2018Hofu Marathon2nd 2:12:12
2018Asian Games Jakarta5th 2:23:42
2017Fukuoka Marathon16th 2:13:22
2017Nagano Marathon2nd 2:15:12
2016Osaka Marathon3rd 2:13:43
2016Olympic Games Marathon91st 2:24:26
2016Nagano Marathon2nd 2:15:56
2015Fukuoka Marathon9th 2:14:19
2015Hamburg Marathon6th 2:10:15
2015 Lake Biwa Marathon3rd 2:11:18
2014Fukuoka Marathon3rd 2:08:50 NR
2014Asian Games Marathon4th 2:13:21
2014Nagano Marathon2nd 2:14:04
2014Beppu Oita Marathon4th 2:10:59
2013Hofu Marathon1st 2:09:00
2013Osaka Marathon2nd 2:13:31
2012Osaka Marathon1st 2:11:52
2012Brighton Maraton4th 2:13:02
2012Beppu Oita Marathon2nd 2:11:05
2011Hofu Marathon1st 2:11:56
2011London Marathon8th 2:11:35
2010Hofu Marathon1st 2:14:49
2010Brighton Marathon1st 2:19:05
Shumet Akalnew

Shumet was born in Wollega, Oromia region in Ethiopia. He started running in elementary school with Kenenisa Bekele as his example. Apart from running he likes table tennis. Shumet says his 2nd place in Mumbai Marathon last year changed his life.

2018Kosice Marathon3rd 2:08:50
2018Paris Marathon11th 2:10:15
2018Mumbai Marathon2nd 2:10:00
2017Hengshui Marathon4th 2:13:18
2015Odense Marathon2nd2:10:52
2015Zurich Marathon13th 2:17:54
Ayenew Mekuant

Mekuant Ayenew was born in the village of Bichena in Gojam in north western part of Ethiopia. The place where he was born, running was mostly un-known to the society except for few people. Mekuant started running while he was in school, in 2008 he used to represent his Nemay district and run for his school, his first remarkable result was a 5000m where he came 3rd in 14’00. After he started training. Meanwhile he joined Sebeta club and started to compete internationally, his first marathon was Dubai marathon. Mekuant is married to Mekedes Asefaw and has one child named Amanuel Mekuant he is four years old. He likes to spend his time with his family by taking them to recreational area, he likes to swim also.

2018Venice Marathon1st 2:13:23
2018Prague Marathon6th 2:10:42
2018Dubai Marathon9th 2:09:20
2017Beijing Marathon7th 2:15:16
2017Prague Marathon3rd 2:09:00
2017Dubai Marathon6th 2:09:23
2016Beijing Marathon1st 2:11:09
2016Wuhan Marathon3rd 2:11:42
2016Xiamen Marathon4th 2:11:38
2015Hefei Marathon 3rd 2:11:01
2015Munster Marathon3rd 2:12:55
2015Zurich Marathon3rd 2:12:17
2014Hefei Marathon6th 2:15:09
2014Hannover Marathon5th 2:11:46
2013Hannover Marathon2nd 2:10:05
Eliud Barngetuny

In his short career so far Eliud won four marathons already. Now he feels it’s time to step up to a higher level of competition in order to push his career to the next level. Besides running Eliud likes music particularly Kenyan music.

2018Madrid Marathon1st 2:10:15
2018Mumbai Marathon10th 2:16:49
2017Milan Marathon5th 2:10:23
2017Mumbai Marathon3rd 2:10:39
2016Cannes Marathon7th 2:18:58
2016Wuhan Marathon2nd 2:10:57
2015Taipei Marathon1st 2:13:14
2014Beijing Marathon4th 2:11:07
2013Libreville Marathon4th 2:17:06
2013Lyon Marathon1st 2:10:44
2013Salzburg Marathon1st 2:14:16
Deresa Reta

Deresa run many marathons in China in the past few years and so far run a best of 2.12.05. He recently joined coach Getaneh Tessema’s group and has shown great progress in training. At the age of 22, Deresa still is a fairly young marathoner. He hails from a family with 3 older brothers and 2 older sisters and is the only runner among them.

2018Dalian Marathon8th 2:14:02
2018Wuxi Marathon6th 2:13:44
2017Guangzhou Marathon6th 2:14:20
2017Zhengzhou Marathon8th 2:12:05
2016Hangzhou Marathon9th 2:19:21
2016Liupanshui Marathon3rd 2:18:15
Deresa Geleta

Was born in Mea Kegn in the Oromia region of Ethiopia, where also Lelisa Desisa and Shura Kitata where born. He started running looking up to Lelisa Desisia and now trains in the same group. His dream is to compete at the level of Lelisa and Shura. Apart from running he likes to play handball and watch football. He is a found fan of Arsenal.

2018Beirut Marathon3rd 2:12:33
2018Zhengzhou Marathon7th 2:20:01
2017Xichang Marathon2nd 2:17:57
Amanuel Teshome

Amanuel has two sisters and five brothers and he lives in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa. He is not married and focus entirely on running for the moment.

2017Gunsan Marathon4th 2:14:45
Byambajav Tseveenravdan

Byambajav has, among his best performances, won a Bronze medal at the 2017 Asian Marathon Championships in Dongguan, China. He started running marathons in 2006 and got a lot of support from his family to do so. He’s goal is to run a sub 2.10 marathon in the years to come and dreams of winning medals at the highest stage.

2018Shanghai Marathon18th 2:22:26
2018Ulan Bator Marathon1st 2:23:21
2018Wuxi Marathon9th 2:18:31
2017Asian Marathon Championships3rd 2:16:14
2017World Championships Marathon46th 2:21:48
2017Ulan Bator Marathon3rd 2:16:15
2017World University Games Half Marathon9th 69:14
2016Olympic Games Rio129th 2:36:14
2016Ulan Bator Marathon2nd 2:21:12
2016Seoul Marathon15th2:16:26
Daniel Muteti

Daniel Muindi Muteti was born on November 10th 1994 in Makueni, in the Former Eastern Province of Kenya. Daniel holds a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry and has taught for a year in that subject at a secondary school nearby Nairobi. That gave little satisfaction and Daniel decided to start runnning. For a couple of years Daniel has trained together with top athletes from Machakos, also belonging to Eastern Province, such as previous World Record Holder Marathon Patrick Makau and Valencia Marathon winner John Mwangangi. Nowadays, Daniel trains in Ngong, at 1900 meters altitude, 30 km South-West of Nairobi. Here he has also prepared himself for Mumbai Marathon 2019. Daniel Muteti is a real hot-weather athlete. In South-America, in Colombia, Ecuador and Guatamala, Daniel has won big competitions in recent years. Daniel, who also speaks Spanish, makes his debut on the marathon in Mumbai.

2018Coban Half Marathon1st 65:48
2017Valencia Marathon pacing 2.05 up to 32km- -
2017Medellin Half Marathon2nd 64:49
2017Santa Pola Half Marathon2nd 62:29
2016Poznan Half Marathon1st 63:44
2016Warsaw Half Marathon1st 62:14


Amane Gobena

Amane Gobena is a high profile athlete who has been running on a high level since 2007. She has competed in 20 marathon, and finished on podium in 16 of them. The first marathon she won was the 2009 Toronto marathon, where she broke the course record. She set her current PB at the 2016 Tokyo marathon. Her time of 2:21:51 made her the sixth fastest athlete of 2016. Amane is an example to many in the training group of coach Haji Adillo, she is very caring and looks after every athlete of the training group. She is also the sister in law of her coach, married to Hussein Adelo (2:09 marathoner) and has two children.

2018Prague Marathon3rd 2:27:43
2018Mumbai Marathon1st 2:25:49
2017Tokyo Marathon3rd 2:23:09
2016Saitama Marathon2nd 2:25:58
2016Tokyo Marathon2nd 2:21:51
2015Istanbul Marathon1st 2:31:58
2015Paris Marathon2nd 2:23:30
2014Istanbul Marathon1st 2:28:46
2014Toronto Marathon3rd 2:28:29
2014Los Angeles Marathon1st 2:27:37
2013Dubai Marathon3rd 2:23:50
2012Istanbul Marathon2nd 2:28:38
2011Xiamen Marathon1st 2:31:49
2010Seoul Marathon1st 2:24:13
2010Osaka Ladies Marathon1st 2:25:14
2009Toronto Marathon1st 2:28:31
2002World Cross Country Championships8th -
Dinknesh Mekash

Dinknesh, which means “wondrous one” in Amharic, grew up in the town of Bekoji, the renowned “Town of Runners”. As a young athlete she was brought to Addis Ababa by the organization ‘Running Across Borders’ and given coaching, accommodation and support to pursue a running career. She was the first to be part of the program and a classic example of what they are trying to do in East Africa: use sport to help youth achieve success in life. In 2010, Mekash traveled outside of her country for the first time, flying to Scotland to participate in the Loch Ness Marathon. She won in 2:46:39. She was surprised by seeing radiators used for heating the home. The arrival of the mail each day also caught her attention. She was inspired by her niece Elfenesh Alemu (4th in 2004 Olympic marathon, 2003 Tokyo winner) in the beginning of her running career. After a second place in Mumbai in 2013 and two win’s in 2014 and 2015, she hopes to come back with a win in 2017 after not competing in 2016!

2017Mumbai Marathon5th 2:36:44
2016Paris Marathon3rd 2:28:11
2016Dubai Marathon8th 2:28:19
2015Frankfurt Marathon2nd 2:23:12
2015Daegu Marathon2nd 2:29:44
2015Mumbai Marathon1st 2:30:00
2014Hengshui Marathon3rd2:29:39
2014Hamburg Marathon2nd2:27:29
2014Mumbai Marathon1st2:28:08
2013Paris Marathon4th2:25:09
2013Mumbai Marathon2nd2:28:46
2012Hamburg Marathon6th2:29:56
2012Eindhoven Marathon3rd2:30:31
2011Riga Nordea Marathon2nd2:38:04
2010Loch Ness Marathon1st2:46:39
Shuko Genemo

The 2016 Mumbai Marathon Champion returns to Mumbai in 2018. She showed her great potential in long distance running in Mumbai in 2016, winning the race in 2:27. She won her second marathon in 2016, clocking a fast 2:24 in Vienna. In 2017 she won the Ljubljana marathon in Slovenia.

Running is in the family of Shuko, as both her brother and sister are athletes as well. She started running because of them and to support her family financially. Tirunesh Dibaba also inspired her to start a running career. Besides running, she likes to swim!

2018Ljubljana Marathon5th 2:26:10
2018Mumbai Marathon3rd 2:29:41
2017Ljubljana Marathon1st 2:27:02
2017Vienna City Marathon4th 2:26:06
2017Dubai Marathon7th 2:28:16
2016Vienna City Marathon1st 2:24:31
2016Mumbai Marathon1st 2:27:50
2015Hengshui Lake Marathon3rd 2:27:29
2014Marrakesh Marathon2nd 2:31:09
2014Prague Marathon5th 2:32:19
2013Beirut Marathon2nd 2:36:47
Birke Debele

Birke Debele is an upcoming athlete from the group of Getaneh Tessema in Addis Ababa. She grew up in the Oromia region in a place called Wuchale. She is married but has no children and likes football. Her inspiration for running is fellow Ethiopian Tirunesh Dibaba. She has only competed in one marathon so far, placing fifth in the Lagos Marathon. She competed in the Seven hills race 15k in the Netherlands in 2017 which she won, by beating world champion Rose Chelimo.

2018Hamburg Marathon2nd 2:25:28
2018Mumbai Marathon4th 2:29:45
2017Zevenheuvelenloop 15k1st 48:52
2017Lagos Marathon5th 2:40:48
2016Béjaïa Half Marathon2nd 71:49
Melesech Tsegaye

Melesech Tsegaye was born in 1994 in the village of Bekoji where many athletes hail from. As a fifth child in a family of 10 children with 1 brothers and 9 sisters. Two of her sisters are known athletes named Tirfi Tsegaye and Belaynesh Tsegaye. Melesech says that especially her elder sister Tirfi is her role model. Melesech’s first significant win came in a 1500meter race in her school where she out-run 2nd place. Then after she realizes that she has the talent to run and began her career in 2008.

When she was 16, Melesech was signed by Bishoftu club which recently again joined oromia police. Her first international race was Venice marathon which she was 4th with the time of 2:43 then after her first attempt in Venice she started to focus on her marathon. Melesech won her 2nd marathon in Hefei in china.

Melesech is part of a very strong training group, some of her training partners include Shuko Genemo, Aselefech Mergia, Tirfi Tsegaye, Aberu Kebede amog others.

Melesech is married to her teammate and famous athlete Lemi Berhanu a winner of Dubai marathon 2015 and winner of Boston in 2016. Apart from running Melesech likes to swim in her free time.

2018Vienna Marathon2nd 2:29:51
2018Houston Marathon3rd 2:27:21
2017Beijing Marathon1st 2:27:44
2017Barcelona Marathon2nd 2:26:44
2016Hefei Marathon3rd 2:28:57
2016Yangling Marathon3rd 2:37:57
2015Hefei Marathon1st 2:33:21
2014Hefei Marathon2nd 2:34:14
Worknesh Alemu

Worknesh trains in Sendafa area, north east of Addis Ababa. Her favourite training are long runs over dusty roads in an area south of Addis Ababa. In 2018 she managed to improve her PB twice both in Barcelona Marathon and Frankfurt Marathon. She now is aiming top 3 in Mumbai.

2018Frankfurt Marathon12th 2:26:50
2018Barcelona Marathon3rd 2:28:19
2017Kosice Marathon4th 2:31:27
2017Rabat Marathon1st 2:30:04
2015TCS Bangalore 10km10th 33:54
Megertu Alemu

Megertu was born in Ambo in the Oromia region. She trains under coach Haji Adilo and is part of the Gedemsa Athletes Team (GAT). She started running five years ago. Apart from running she likes to watch football and is a support of the Arsenal team.

2018Shanghai Marathon6th 2:28:08
2018Lanzhou Marathon2nd2:32:21
2018Rabat Marathon2nd2:31:33
2017Casablanca Marathon4th2:34:11
2017Zhengzhou Marathon2nd2:29:10
Tejitu Daba

Ethiopian born Tejitu Daba competes for Bahrain and has won several medals at Asian championships for Bahrain. She ran 3000m, 5000m and 10.000m on the track for some years and made her road running debut in the 2015 TCS World 10k in Bangalore. This was the start of her road running career. She showed a good progression in 2017, running a personal best of 68:21 in the half marathon, followed by her marathon debut in Amsterdam.

Tejitu started running when she was inspired, she heard about the Dibabe sisters on the radio which inspired her to start running. Tirunesh Dibaba is her biggest example. Besides running, she likes to watch football. Tejitu is married to 2:05 marathoner Abera Kuma who is also competing in Mumbai Marathon.

2018Beijing Marathon4th 2:28:50
2018Barcelona Half Marathon1st 68:36
2017Amsterdam Marathon8th 2:31:32
2017Lille Half Marathon3rd68:21
2017Madrid Half Marathon1st 71:29
2016Dam tot Damloop 10 miles2nd 52:34
2014Bilbao 3000m1st 8:52.24
2013FBK Games 5000m9th 15:08.11
2013Asian Championships 5000m3rd -
2013World Cross Country Championships8th -
2012Asian Indoor Championships 3000m3rd -
2011Pan-Arab Games 10.000m1st -
2011Asian Championships 5000m1st -
Failuna Matanga

Failuna has run many races in Brazil, and took victories in the Sao Paulo 10k, Rio de Janeiro Corida de Sao Sebastiao, Belo Horizonte half marathon and the Sao Paulo half marathon. In 2017 she finished 16th at the World Cross Country Championships in Kampala.

Failuna comes from the same region in Tanzania as 2017 Mumbai winner Alphonce Simbu.

2018TCS Kolkata 25km3rd 1:27:45
2018Cape Town Marathon2nd 2:29:59
2018Commonwealth Games 10.000m12th 32:22.09
2018Barcelona Half Marathon 5th 69:36
2017Kolkata 25km3rd 1:26:11
2017World Championships 10.000m23rd 32:29.97
2017FBK Games Hengelo 10.000m9th 31:47.37
2017TCS Bengalore 10km7th 33:32
2017World Cross Country Championships16th -
2016Santos Tribuna 10k2nd 32:48
2016Rio de Janeiro 10k1st 33:59
2015Sao Paulo 10k1st 34:00
Almaz Negeda

Almaz comes from North Shoa area in Ethiopia, she studied till her high school period in that area before moving to Addis Abeba in 2009. She got inspired by Tirunesh Dibaba and started running after seeing her compete in the World Championships and Olympic Games. She is very close with her family.

2018Rennes Marathon1st 2:29:40
2018Chongqing Marathon2nd 2:30:33
2017Hefei Marathon2nd 2:36:21
2017Madrid Marathon5th 2:36:20
2016Shenzhen Marathon2nd 2:37:15
2016Buenos Aires Marathon2nd 2:42:27
2016Yangling Marathon5th 2:44:23
2015Jinan Marathon1st 2:33:54
2015Taiyuan Marathon2nd 2:34:10
2014Shanghai Marathon7th 2:37:42
2014Chongqing Marathon4th 2:33:51
Khishigsaikhan Galdabrakh

Khishigsaikhan is one of few Mongolian female marathon runners. She started running marathon only in 2016 and so far already had some good performances including a marathon win in Kishiwada Marathon in 2018. She is aiming to finish top 10 in Mumbai.

2018Asian Games Marathon10th 2:42:57
2018Ulan Bator Marathon2nd 2:54:41
2018Wuxi Marathon5th 2:35:55
2018Kishiwada Marathon1st 2:37:07
2017Beijing Marathon6th 2:43:51
2017World Championships Marathon52nd 2:44:48
Zinash Gerado

Zinash is training in the group of Tessema Abshero together with the 2017 and 2018 winners of the Kolkata 25km Dibabe Kuma and Degitu Azmeraw. In 2018 she ran 3 half marathon races in China winning twice and finishing 2nd in the 3rd race. She lives in close to Addis Ababa and is the last born of 9 children. In Ethiopia she has been succesfull in Awasa half marathon (6th) and Addis Ababa 10km (4th). She is looking forward to her marathon debut.

2017Languex 10km10th 33:25